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Repaint 5 Small Areas To Improve Your Home's Interior

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

You are bored with your old interior paint and are in dire need of a new look, but cannot afford to pay for a full repaint? Here are 5 simple spots you can repaint to improve your home's interior.

1) Door

Ask yourself when you walk into someone else's house, what is the first thing you see. Reward yourself if your answer is door. Giving your home door a fresh coat will bring a new highlight to your internal space.

2) Window

Just like door, window are also the area that catches the eyes of others when entering the house. Repainting window is time consuming but in return it will create new breeze to all rooms in your house.

3) Skirting board

Do not underestimate this spot, people rarely pay attention to the small details but if you don't want to make bad impression to your guests, you should not ignore it. Skirting board surface is always damaged by human activities such as vacuuming... Repainting it will help your wall colour stand out even if it is an old wall.

4) Bathroom

Unlike other rooms, the bathroom might be the first place that you may need to take care of due to the steam and moisture. Lucky for you, bathroom space is often designed to be small size so you only need to spend a small amount of money to hire a professional painters to repaint it.

5) Hallway

If bathroom is the first room in your house that need to be repainted then hallway will be the next on the list. Why? It is high traffic area and in some families, it also a play area for kids. Repainting hallway will take longer than anywhere listed above but the result is really worth your time and effort.

Repainting those 5 places above will definitely add more value to your home interior. Need help from an expert house painters, contact First Class Painting Nz to received your free estimate.

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