​Home restoration service by First Class Painting Nz - Restore your pride and make your house look beauty again

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Your property in a certain aspect is the face you want to present to the world. Is peeling/faded paint making it unattractive and embarrass you to your guests? Maybe it is time you should give your home the treatment it deserve. But then there are many difficult things to deal with such as what to do/how to do/whom should you hire and can you trust them? Well, let leave that headache to us, your home will be in the right hand and absolutely nothing you should be worry about.

​At First Class Painting Nz, we offer wide range of home restoration services that include both interior and exterior. Our team are highly trained with experience and various aspects of home maintenance and preservation including painting and plastering restoration, we speak your house's language and know exact what it needs.

Talk to one of our master painter today to get some advise on restoring your property. Even if you are not going to hire us, we are still here to help! First Class Painting NZ - we are here to make New Zealand a beautiful picture!